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"Ingenious, acidic comedy" (The Globe and Mail)

Keep Frozen: Pochsy Productions presents the award-winning stage and screen works of cult comedienne Karen Hines (a.k.a. Pochsy). Hines's trans-genre black comedies have traveled the globe, winning her a loyal following and international critical acclaim. From Dawson to Boston, Louisville to Kuala Lumpur, Pochsy's toxic musings on modern life have charmed and horrified her audiences and cemented her reputation as "one of the gems of Canadian theatre." (Toronto Star)

"A miracle of bitter hope." (Eye)

"Wicked, original and superb" (Denver Rocky Mountain News)

"I laughed. I cried. I called my friends." (Minneapolis-St. Paul Pioneer Press)

"One of the most original artists in the city." (Toronto Life)

"Eerie, funny brilliance." (Edmonton Journal)

Pochsy Productions was founded in 1992 for the company's first show, Pochsy's Lips. Since then the company has produced four more shows: Oh, baby, Hello...Hello, Citizen Pochsy and Pochsy Unplugged as well as developing other works for stage and screen such as Drama: Pilot Episode, A Tax on Pochsy, The Audit and other projects currently in development. Over the years, Hines has won a growing audience, numerous production and literary nominations and awards, as well as a reputation for original, hilarious and provocative entertainments.

"Hingehen!" (Abendzeitung)


Recently - Staged Readings at WIRED:

DRAMA: Pilot Episode and other new works by Hines were presented in staged readings this June 12 and 14 at Factory Theatre's WIRED Series of New Work. Excerpts were read fromThe Bechdel Fail: Women Talking About Whatever It Is Women Talk About and The Dramaturg. (working titles)

Also, a full-cast reading of Drama: Pilot Episode launching a polished revision of the original:




Shortlisted for the 2012 Governor General's Literary Award for Drama

Winner of Calgary's Betty Mitchell Award for Best New Play

Winner of the Calgary Critics' Award for Best New Play

Official Selection: Germany's 'Neue Theaterstücke aus Kanada' National Competition

Drama: Pilot Episode
Design: Peter Moller - Coach House Books

"Energy soars in Pilot Episode." (Calgary Sun)

"Great theatre of souls." (Alberta Views)

"A twisted and consistently quotable satire." (The Globe and Mail)

"A magnificent play." (Calgary Herald)

When a troubled young television writer hangs himself with his Banff Television Festival conference lanyard, urgent spirits creep up through the fracks, and connections are drawn between pregnant oil wives, the 44-minute television hour and the future of the human soul. A deep dark comedy set in the wild new west.

"Remarkable. We go from chic to cheek, from satire to melodrama ... from soul of the mind to spirit in the veins ... A magnificent play." (Five Stars – Calgary Herald) Read the Full Herald Review

"I can't imagine a person in the Western world who would be left untouched by the great drama of souls Hines creates here." Read the Alberta Views Book Review.

Read Avenue Magazine's piece on Calgary's new star player and her 'razor sharp wit.'

Read The Globe & Mail's profile about Hines' 'piercing' new play.

See the collected reviews and features on "Drama" HERE




Performances and Readings: August 21 at Debajehmujig Creation Centre and August 22 at the Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance. For more, go to "current events" HERE.


  • Coach House Books prints the second batch of "DRAMA." Read more HERE (or buy the books).

In Development:

  • Crazy Like a Girl (Screenplay) - Second Draft Complete - Screen Adaptation of "Crawlspace." Canada Council, Alberta Foundation for the Arts


  • Pochsy Productions wraps "Anagram of Pochsy" in Alberta and on Manitoulin. Film is in the can!
Photo still by Benny Zenga, Karen Hines as Pochsy